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For over 40 years in the paint industry, in 55 countries with dedicated stylistic creations. At the heart of every project is colour as a means of qualifying architectural space.

A range of more than 500 internationally patented products such as Umana, washables, water-based paints, specific anti-mold and anti-condensation products, glazes, impregnants.

Products for all protection needs, both for walls and floors, for indoor and outdoor use.

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Our continuous research is the driving force for innovation that led to the creation of the Loggia Color Store project. The turnkey store where technology and innovation merge with the art and study of color in 360 degrees.

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"Mixture of Cultures" This line of stencils was conceived as a hymn to the cultures of the world, but even more so to the roots, the traditions that shape our identity and at the same time determine its evolution.

Out of this creative drive, a collection of more than 120 customised patterns was born, representing the essence of the world and its cultures.

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Mixture, the new Living in Art

When does a work become a work of art? Architecture transforms the environment and art translates its meaning.

An artistic and at the same time cultural transformation, which shows that transformation in itself is art.


The Art of Living Colour. There is Beauty in Simplicity

Discover the dedicated ColorTrend, the palette for every season, to decorate your space with colour and the emotions it brings. 


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