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Royal Paint UltraMatt

Royal Paint colour P23-2 Heart of Palm
Royal Paint colour P6-6 Rosy Dawn
Royal Paint colour P126-5 Wesley Blue
Royal Paint colour P3-3 Swan Wing

- Colors Interiors -

ultra matt

& minimal design

Stucco Beige P29-3
Hint of Blue P10-2
Orchid Scent P8-5
Rosy Dawn P6-6
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new England

Logo paint Royal Paint Ultramatt
Little Angel P2-4
Creamy White P2-5
Ivory Yellow P2-6
Swan Wing P3-3
Light Approach P3-6
Peach Pinch P4-6
Autumn White P5-5
Mobe Pearl P6-3
Background Beige P28-6
Stucco Beige P29-3
Manila P31-5
Desert View P33-1
Stairstep P33-5
Quilter Thread P57-2
Musing P98-1
Hubbard Squash P148-4
Weak Tea P148-6
Fresh Biscuit P150-2
Rye P150-3
Coachlight P150-5
Spoonbread P150-6
Silent Bliss P151-1
Rip Wheat P151-5
Chaff P151-6
Tigerstripe P155-1
Saddle Brown P169-5
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Royal Paint Sand Palette

Rosy Dawn P6-6
Drifting Cloud P7-3
Bradford Beige P40-2
Garden Dust P46-6
Mauve Bisque P61
Chateau Rose P142-3
Pioneer Red P142-4
Wintersweet Berry P144-5
Pueblo Peach P145-6
Cotillion Red P156-2
Tempest Brown P170-5
Perfect Plum P171-1
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Royal Paint Purple Palette

Blue Trace P10-1
Hint of Blue P10-2
Blue Vision P11-1
Weatherbelt P50-6
White Whale P51-5
Sea Nimph Green P119
Wesley Blue P126-5
Cozy Corner P127-1
Vulcan Blue P127-4
Silver Skates P128-1
Stone Fence P128-4
Gray Knight P128-5
Evening Pool P162-3
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Royal Paint Sky Palette

White Lace P4-3
Walde White P14-4
Heart of Palm P23-2
Morning Moss P23-4
Versatile Neutral P24-1
Gazebo P24-3
Misty Shadow P25-6
Wise Sage P25-6
Almond Chip P26-1
Crete Barrel P26-4
Ivory Porcelain P106-1
Little Little P113-6
Robust Vine P164-6
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Royal Paint Green Palette

White Wing P8-4
Orchid Scent P8-5
Violet Whisper P9-1
Bradford Brown P47-4
Outpost Gray P47-5
Cloud Mist P48-1
Turned Earth P48-4
Liberty Gray P52-3
Victorian Gray P53-3
Gray Foam P54-1
Silver Coin P54-2
Platinum P54-3
Stormy Sky P54-4
Chinchilla P54-6
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Royal Paint Gray Palette

Royal Paint Flag Logo

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Colour as a tool for the protection and redevelopment of architectural space. This is the philosophy that distinguishes the Building line, which brings together a complete range of products to meet the most diverse protection needs of both interior walls and exterior facades. A range that ranges from washable wall enamels to eco-friendly water-based paints.