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HOW WERE OUR PRODUCTS BORN? Our approach is always aimed at research, our goal is to create products that can, on the one hand, satisfy the demands of an ever-growing market, and at the same time provide trends such as in Decor with effects that recall the philosophy of beauty and made in Italy, which we proudly export all over the world, on the other hand we aim to provide increasingly high-performance materials that can solve current problems.

How was our Brand born?
From the intent to do something different!
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Mantra Metal

Introducing. #Mantra the brush-applied metal that enables the oxidation of different metals! Watch the video with Franco Mauti Loggia to learn about Mantra's application technique and its many applications and ossdiactions on #infinity !

Bi Plasma 3D Metal

Bi Plasma 3D metal is the moldable metal effect decorative applicable on any type of support and surface that allows you to transform any environment and renovate not only floors and walls but also transform wooden doors or tables into real metal structures, play with oxidation, textures and combinations with other products such as bi plasma 3d in all its colors