Bi Plasma 3D Metal, brass, tin, zinc, copper and bronze, for creations with a metal effect to be combined with thick material products such as volare, infinito, or mixed with Bi Plasma 3D applicable to both walls and floors. Elegant, modern, professional and creative, in all its versions it opens the door to a world of possibilities that in the field of interior decoration has no limits of development and application.


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Volare Textile wall tiles for interior and exterior use

simply chic: Bi Plasma 3d metal

Bi Plasma3D Metal is obtained by mixing Base Bi Plasma Metal with metal powders: brass, tin, zinc, copper and bronze, for metal-effect creations that can be applied individually, spatula-applied in several wet-on-wet metal colours to recreate shaded metal effects and combined with thick material products such as volare, infinito.Bi plasma 3D, also in its Metal version, can be applied to both walls and floors.

Elegant, modern, professional and creative, suitable for the restyling of any environment, from bathrooms to kitchens to hotel lobbies, the product's versatility allows for multiple effects and applications, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

exceed the limits with Bi Plasma 3D, Metal!

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Italian moulder Luigi Disca

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3D Plasma and all versions of Plasma and Bi-Plasma made to be suitable for all application needs

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Plasma 3D Bi plasma 3D thanks to their versatility, can recreate infinite effects, from the simplest to the most sophisticated solutions.

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Plasmatore Italiano, the 3D Plasma professional. Creativity, professionalism and flair to create designer walls.

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