Very charming coating with satin pearl for floors, walls and attics. For fine finishes both for ancient and modern environments.
Suitable for the interior decoration of artistically interesting ancient or modern buildings, due to its elegance and refinement.

Codice Confezione Pezzi confezione
L2A31500 Lt. 12 01
L2A31506 Lt. 2,5 01
L2A31504 Lt. 0,750 06
Scheda Tecnica Scheda Sicurezza

Codice Confezione Pezzi confezione
L2A31600 Lt. 12 01
L2A31606 Lt. 2,5 01
L2A31604 Lt. 0,750 06
Scheda Tecnica Scheda Sicurezza

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Damascato coating damask effect Carpet. Moquette is a classy interior covering that recalls the shine of fine fabrics. Ideal for the decoration of interior walls and floors in modern or prestigious modern buildings.