Raffaele Loggia durante una fase progettuale

The idea to ‘think the man as the same as space’ where the color gives unity and volume, has given life to a new project: PLASMA 3D, an innovative product that can be applied on every surface: walls, floors, doors… providing them new colors and shapes not even imaginable until today. PLASMA 3D molds, forges, shapes as desired, objects and materials giving uniqueness to the environment thanks to the original combination of colors and symmetries giving to space a refined elegance. Each situation is unique thanks to the various effect like marble, crocodile, viper, wood, granite, craclé which can be also combined to create manifold effects: marble-craclé, vintage-craclé…


I plasmatori Loggia durante le fasi applicative

The creation of the new line ‘Bellissima’ with the exclusive PLASMA 3D, has totally revolutionized the world of Decorative electing Loggia Industria Vernici as a world leader in the indoor coating of high value, thanks to 30 coating decorative and hundreds of different combinations.

Source: IP Magazin – L’innovazione il plasma 3D